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Confluences - Diako/Danny Simmons

The Works

About the Artist(s)
Danny SimmonsSold: Auction Lot 2001, Male Nigra, Good Teeth, Well Endowed, Flat Feet Caution: Tends to run away when not watched, Surly Attidude, oil, wax on canvas, 40"x30"
Diako La Passion de St. Jean, 2001, mixed media on canvas, 79"x39"
Diako, Poutkak, 1996-97, mixed media on canvas, 78x62 inches
Diako, Gold Blue Abstraction, 2000, mixed media on canvas, 68x49 inches
Diako, Pharaogold, 2000, acrylic on canvas, 57x43 inches
Diako, Ngo Senda, 2001, acrylic on canvas, 58x52 inches
Diako, Pissis, 2001, pigments on canvas, 68x56 inches
Diako, Hiotot, Starry Night, 1999, mixed media on canvas, 33x57 inches