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Miriam Brumer and Emna Zghal: Works on Paper Paintings

Emna Zghal: Current, Undercurrent, 2002, mixed media, 18x20 inches
Miriam Brumer: Cavern, 2004, ink, collage on paper, 18x24 inches
Emna Zghal: Strange Spring, 2003 mixed media on canvas, 16x20 inches.
Emna Zghal: The Green Carpet, 2002, mixed media on canvas, 39x72 inches.
Emna Zghal: Troubled Waters, 2001-2004, mixed media on canvas, 29x54 inches.
Miriam Brumer: Pandora's Box, 2004, markers, ink, acrylic on mylar, 32x28 inches.
Emna Zghal: Silicone Rings, 2004, ink on paper, 26x34 inches.
Emna Zghal: Imaginary Bark, 2004, ink, watercolor, 15x19 inches.
Emna Zghal: Purple Sun, mixed media on canvas, 26x33 inches.
Miriam Brumer: Lacewing, 2000, ink on paper, 33x30 inches.
Miriam Brumer: Helter Skelter, 2005, markers, ink, acrylic on vellum, 32x44 inches.
Miriam Brumer: Florescence,2005, marker, ink, acrylic on vellum, 24x36 inches.