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Bernard Guillot. Portrait, 2002, mixed media on paper, 19x14 ins
Khalid Kodi. Shield of Genie I, 2006, oil pastel on paper, 38x25 inches.
Diako. Masse-Masse, 2001, mixed media on canvas, 18x15 inches.
Installation View.
Olu Amoda. Head, 2008, wood, pigment and glue, 17x11x11 inches.
Sculpture: Olu Amoda. Head, 2008, wood, pigment and glue, 17x11x11 inches.Painting: Diako. Untitled, 1999, mixed media on canvas, 66x38 inches.
Installation View.
Sumayyah Samaha. Installation view
Installation View.
Installation View.
installation view
Installation View.
SoHyun Bae. Frontal Bow III, 2006, acrylic on paper, 20X16 inches.
Pefura. Turbulence I, 2000, mixed media on paper, 16x11.5 inches.
Sokey Edorh. Hunter's House I, 2004, mixed media on canvas, 15x16.5 inches.
Osi Audu. Body of Water XII, Merman, 2006, graphite, wool on paper, 14.5x21.5 inches.
Afi Nayo. Love Suite IX, 2007, mixed media on board, 19.5x 19.5 inches.
Diako. Horizontal Abstraction, 1995, mixed media on canvas, 15x18 inches.